Kids Holding Hands

Our Vision

Our vision for every child, a heart filled with the Lord’s light and blessings​.

Vision - Arabic Translation Heart

Our Story

We experience, every day, as a family, the grace of God despite conditions that seem too hard to bear. We continue to have hope in humanity and the good in people, even though we have witnessed tremendous injustice first-hand: from child rights abuses, to corruption, and their heart-wrenching & destructive impact on children. We want to stand together with other child rights’ champions and help break the chains of injustice and poverty. We are inspired by the kids in our lives and will do all we can to lift them and all children up to a future filled with hope and opportunities.

Our Founders, Pascale & Joseph Boukhalil


Our Mission

To break the chains of injustice and poverty for an improved well-being of children in their families and communities.

Our Values