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Breaking the chains of injustice & poverty

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Our Focus

We are relentless advocates for children's rights and best interests.
To this end, we partner with local organizations and groups so we are a voice in action on behalf of the oppressed and vulnerable.
Our international programs implementation started in Lebanon with a vision to expand to other emergent countries.

First We


We assess the situation with a focus on children's rights. We understand challenges, opportunities, and the way we can come along side field partners as we join efforts for a greater impact.

Then We


We set big goals with our field partners and devise together a framework to reach those goals. We help scale up successful initiatives while allowing for new creative solutions.

Now We


Your help allows local field partners to implement project activities. Together, we set measures of success, monitor progress, communicate achievements and integrate lessons learned.

Our Goal

Poverty & injustice deny children their rights.
Together, we can change that.

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Our Programs

For the love of kids’ international programs focus on: Advocacy for Children's Rights and Best Interests,​ Crisis Relief & Recovery,.. read more

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Our Story

We experience, every day, the grace of God in spite of conditions that seem too hard to bear... read more

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Your US-tax deductible donation helps vulnerable children, their families and communities in their plight against injustice and poverty.

Our Partners

We partner with local community-based groups, non-governmental agencies, educators,
families and kids to assess, plan and implement projects focused on the well-being of children, including:

Ongoing Partnerships

World of Joy - Logo
Created in honor of Joy Bouery's memory, serving children in Lebanon who are living with physical, emotional, or other disabilities.

World of Joy,
Ghadir, Lebanon

Le Grain De Ble - Logo
Serving children for a life changing experience.

Le Grain De Ble,

St. Jean School - Logo
Serving students academically, socially & emotionally, with a commitment to an inclusive quality learning environment.

St. Jean School of Okaibe,
Keserwan, Lebanon

Previous Partnerships

Karagheusian Healthcare - Logo
Serving children in distress and supporting their physical, moral & social development within their families & environment.

Karagheusian Primary
Healthcare & Child
Welfare Center, Burj
Hammoud, Lebanon

Ecole St. Francois Des Soeurs De La Croix - Logo
Children's Education.

Ecole St. Francois Des Soeurs De La Croix,

Public Elementary School of Wadi Khaled - Logo
Serving students academically, socially & emotionally, with a recognition that each child has different learning styles.

Baraem al Moustakbal
Public Elem. School,
Wadi Khaled, Lebanon

Ecole Des Soeurs De La Sainte Famille - Logo
Children's Education.

Ecole Des Soeurs De La Sainte Famille
Deir El Ahmar, Lebanon

ounss - Logo
Serving children through education and well-being so they can rise from poverty and strive for success in life.


PCPM - Logo
Providing relief assistance throughout the world.


Your Input

We are pained by the situation of all children in crisis, and particularly the oppressed and vulnerable children in Lebanon. We know that you share our pain and would love to hear from you. Heart Icon Please leave us a note.